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Dublin Photowalk

Last week I was in Dublin.  To those that know me this may not sound that odd as I work on the outskirts of the city, but to be honest I don’t actually venture into the centre that often, especially with my camera at night. Well this little adventure was to meet up with the group from for a photographic venture starting at St Patrick’s Cathedral and finishing around the Four Courts. Dublin is a beautiful city, but like any city around the world, a lone female, with a digital SLR at night is not a good combination.  So to meet up with a group of like minded people, was a great opportunity to practice my night-time shots. We started off at St Patrick’s Cathedral.  It was closed but I took a couple of external shots.  The one below is of the Minot’s Tower part of the cathedral, apparently so called because Archbishop Minot rebuilt this in 1370 after a fire.  The spire was added in 1749.

It’s a beautiful building, but as yet I haven’t actually been inside.  From the Cathedral we headed up Patrick Street towards Christchurch Place.  I still find it funny the amount of people that walk by and try to figure out what you are photographing, you see them looking up or in the direction that your camera is facing.  There will be the odd one that will be brave enough to ask, whether you tell them the truth or spin them a yarn depends on how you feel at the time.   It’s all good fun though. When we reached Christchurch Place it was a lot busier with people and traffic, capturing the light trails was great fun.  It’s a great spot due to the crossroads and traffic lights. The building on the right is Christchurch Cathedral and the one on the left is part of the Dublinia Viking Experience.  While most of us were concentrating on light trails and buildings, one member of our group was photographing the tourists and getting some  laughs.  I was thinking that their memories will either be of a fantastic experience with a great photograph, or they will have walked away thinking we were all a bunch of complete nutters, either way, you can’t fault the Irish charm and their great ability to make people smile.

Moving on we walked down Winetavern Street and onto Usher’s Quay where I faced the Four Courts over the Liffey.  Most of the group was stood in the same place so no doubt this view was photographed to bits on the night, but below is my shot.

I do like playing with long exposures to give the feeling of early evening, even though it was extremely dark, patience is a virtue as they say.

To get a different perspective I went onto O’Donovan Rossa Bridge where I stood to take the picture below of the Four Courts.  The weather was good to us that evening, dry but very cold.  I was on the bridge waiting for the long exposure with the wind blowing through the  balustrades, after a while I couldn’t feel my legs or hands anymore (yes I forgot my gloves, lesson learnt).  But it was still good fun.

The river shown is the famous river Liffey that runs through the centre of Dublin and comes in from the Irish Sea.  The view above is facing inland, viewing the Four Courts on the right, and the bridge in the distance is the Fr. Matthew Bridge.  This bridge is reputed to be on or near the original site of the first bridge in Dublin to cross the Liffey

All in all it was a great night and I can’t wait for the next.  We finished the evening in the pub for a chat and a quick drink, but I was driving home so only lemonade for me.  A hot chocolate would have been nice to warm the old bones, but the barman looked at me like I had two heads when I asked for one.

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  1. Beautiful night shots! Thank you for the like on my blog!

  2. Wow just amazing photos.

  3. The photos of the river are splendid. Beautiful in every sense of the word. The reflections make those pics great.

    • Thanks Yvonne πŸ™‚ There are some great reflections on the Liffey, of the courts etc., especially when the tide is at it’s still. Sadly the tide was going out when I was there but still as you say great reflections.


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