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What to do during your lunch break

I often spend my lunch break in the work canteen reading my many photographic magazines/books, but this Tuesday was different.  The weather was so gorgeous I couldn’t spend my hour inside, so I grabbed my Canon Powershot S95 compact camera and off I went.

I work in a heavily industrialized area of Dublin, not the prettiest photographically, but there are plenty of water features and sculptures to provide plenty of interest.  I know there is a big debate among photographers as to whether photographing sculptures is copying someone else’s art or not! I suppose we could all argue this until the cows come home, you could go as far as to say that buildings are someone else’s art and we photograph plenty of them.  Anyway the way that I look at it, is that it’s my interpretation of their art in it’s surroundings and a great way to practice my photographic techniques.

These are a few that I took with the Canon Powershot (more details of the sculptures are below)

The Wave

Tip of the wave

As I was walking around the Wave to get different angles I was surprised to find a pond area behind it which had several ducks, swans and even this heron.  I find it heartwarming to see wildlife thriving in these inner city areas.

The Wave and the Heron

I’ve also recently loaded Instagram onto my iPhone and I had a play about with this.  For those of you already using this app, check me out, I’m known as ‘pontecake’.

The image below was of one of the water features.  I loved the way the sun was sparkling on the water giving it a dreamy effect.

The great thing about daytime in the week, is that the canal isn’t over crowded with people.

Grand Canal, Dublin

The sculpture below is called “The Wave” and was created by Angela Conner.  It’s a 121ft spiral that actually sways in the wind.  It’s amazing to look at.

The following sculpture was created by Orla de Bri.  It is based on the story about the Son of Sisyphus, who apparently as punishment for his arrogance, was condemned by the gods to push a huge rock up a hill and watch it roll back down, over and over again for all eternity.  When I took this shot I didn’t know the story behind it, and as the bright light created a heavenly feel that is what first caught my eye, plus it also bleached out all the overhead power cables :-).  After reading the story, I think the low angle makes the ball look even bigger which gives a good perspective of the tale.

Orla de Bri sculptureSon of Sisyphus

In reflection it was a great way to spend an hour of my day and really refreshed me for the afternoon.  I have to admit I was really buzzing when I got back to my desk and was extremely productive so a great help to my brain and my boss (he’ll be encouraging me to go out more often :-))


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  1. Nice set of shots. You know all the times I’ve seen those sculptures and I’ve never known what they were. Thanks for filling me in.

  2. Thanks Denis, I didn’t know the area was so interesting until I took my walk. Amazing what you find on your doorstep.

  3. Years ago I did a lot of work with Fujitsu Siemens Computers. They had their offices in Park West. I remember being freaked out by the big sculpture moving around the place as our meeting went on. I even ended up closing one eye and watching it. Then I found out about it being a moving statue of sorts.

  4. Great shots, I’ve never seen these scultptures. I’ve added you on instagram 🙂


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