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St Patrick’s Day – Part 1

St Patrick’s Day has been and gone, with lots of happy memories and pictures. Part 1 was the parade in the nearest village to where I live called “Clonmellon”. This is nothing like the big fancy parade that takes place in Dublin, it’s more about the community getting together and supporting local businesses and groups, and having a good giggle along the way.

People photography is not my strong point, but I enjoyed having a go.

Girls from the village dance school showing us how Irish dancing is done

St Patrick leads the parade with his coffee and just in time to get things going before the sleet started.

Don't rely on getting home quickly from the pub

Walking tall, it's amazing what the fresh air does for the local teenagers.

Going green

The Viking farmer, certainly has a lot to smile about

Boys and their toys

Anyone for a hot toddy

The parade was finished off nicely with a hot toddy, although not sure which one of these three had drank the most 😉 It went down well with all the locals.  I had a bit of lunch with good friends Denis O’Donovan and his lovely wife Lorraine, then it was onto the next  parade of the day (to follow)……..

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