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Happy Anniversary at the Cliffs of Moher

On the 25th March my husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.  Every year I like to organize something different where we can spend the time together and discover something new.  This year we took a trip to County Clare, and started the day off by visiting the Cliffs of Moher.

The weather was exceptionally warm, and the sun shone all day; certainly not the norm for Ireland at this time of year.

The cliffs at their highest point rise to 700 feet above the Atlantic Ocean.  As you can see from the photographs, the heat of the sun created a very hazy view of the cliffs.  If you look carefully at the top of the first cliff you can see some people, which gives you a sense of scale.

South Cliffs of Moher

I found the area very beautiful.  However a word of warning if you don’t like heights I would recommend that you view the cliffs from the boats that do trips around the coastline.  I’m not usually scared of heights, and at the time of our visit I wasn’t phased by the experience.  What did concern me though, was the Samaritans posters that were scattered around the area, obviously people have ended their lives here, and the thought of this filled me with great sadness.  It must have affected me sub-conciously, as that evening I had terrible nightmares about jumping off these cliffs, and it absolutely petrified me, I had a terrible nights sleep.  Don’t worry I’m enjoying life too much to do anything like this.

Hubby seeing just how high it is

Getting back to the day itself, the cliffs are very photogenic and there are loads of vantage points to try a variety of shots.  I saw these buttercups (at least that’s what I think they are, you can correct me if I’m wrong :-)) and just to try something a little different I shot at a low vantage point with a large depth of field.

Buttercups and the cliffs

As we walked along the cliffs I got a different view of the South, which was a wider angle.  The colors had changed by this time.  It still amazes me how lighting and color can change within a landscape in a matter of minutes, but that is what makes it more appealing.  This is where digital does come in handy that you can get trigger happy, however, the sorting out afterwards is a nightmare 😦

Cliffs of Moher - Wide angle

It will be up to you the viewer as to whether you like the first image that is warmer in tone or the second that is cooler, let me know.

As we moved around the cliffs we got a different view and because we were at a different angle to the sun, the haze seemed to disappear.

O'Briens Tower and Sea Stack

O’Briens Tower that you can see at the top of the cliff was built in 1835 by a local landlord called “Cornelius O’Brien”.  He built it as a viewing point for the many tourists visiting the area, I’d love to see what these Victorian day trippers looked like at the cliffs, but so far have not come across any photographs from then.  Well back to today, the downside to the tower was that you were charged €2.00 per adult to go into the tower, not a lot you might say, but this was on top of the €6.00 per adult entry fee.  There were a lot of people complaining about it on the day and so there wasn’t many going into the tower.  In my opinion it makes better business sense if the operators charged €7.00 per adult and gave you free entry to the tower, it’s human nature these days that if you have to pay extra on top of your entry fee you are less likely to bother, whereas if you pay slightly more entrance fee but get to experience extras for free then you are more inclined to think the day was well worth it.

O'Briens Tower

To capture the tower with no people around was virtually impossible.  I waited for ages to get that moment but my darling husband was getting impatient so the shot above was the clearest I managed to get it.

As we finished exploring the cliffs we felt that a coffee was needed but sadly the cafe was closing it’s doors for the day, so we decided to find somewhere to grab a bite to eat and we came across this place.

Vaughans Pub, Kilfenora, County Clare

We had a nice pub lunch here, nothing spectacular, but it filled a hole.  The pub is famed for being in an episode of Father Ted (Season III, Episode I, to be exact).  There were some characters at the bar that were great craic, but sadly we had to leave and make our way home.

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  1. Happy belated anniversary!That’s another place I haven’t been to. It looks wonderful though, you got some stunning photos. I think I slightly prefer the 2nd cliffs photo with the cooler tone.

    • Thankyou Val. You will definitely have to go, but check the weather beforehand, especially avoid it when it’s windy. Also thanks for your honest opinion on the tones, I still can’t make my mind up 🙂

  2. My sort of graduated hue shots cracking blog – nice one Scott

  3. Wonderful photos, Claire.

  4. Beautiful photographs. I enjoyed reading your post.

  5. Such beautiful scenery in Ireland. Those cliffs do look frightening and I can see how that sort of thing would cause awful nightmares. The photos are great. So interesting. I noiticed the gorgeous dog at the pub.


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