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Oilseed Rape Fields

In late spring there is suddenly an explosion of yellow in the landscape where the fields of Oilseed Rape come into bloom.  It is grown for animal feed, vegetable oil and surprisingly, biodiesel (wander if I could grow some to power my little car ;-)).  The flowers are also good for honey production, but apparently because of it’s strong taste, it is usually blended.  However, I have found several places on the internet selling 100% oilseed rape honey, definitely would be interesting to see what it’s like.

You cannot help notice this vibrant color as you venture around the countryside and it’s virtually impossible for a photographer to pass without grabbing a shot, and I’m no exception.  The most common image of these fields is usually taken on a sunny day, with a gorgeous blue sky, and plenty of fluffy white clouds. I have nothing against this scene, and I admit that it is a very striking, but I have a particular image that I’m after, a memory that I want to recreate…..

Many years ago, I was cycling home on a lovely late spring evening watching a storm in the distance creep closer and closer.  My main aim at the time was to ensure I got home before I got a soaking, but as I cycled past an Oilseed Rape field in full bloom I was taken aback by the amazing lighting.  The field itself was bathed in the warm glow of the evening sun which made the yellow so bright.  Behind this was a curtain of intense dark grey sky and the contrast between the two was etched in my memory forever.

Back to the present; I have never forgotten that moment in time.  Now I want to recreate (or something similar) that memory in a photo.  I think it will be a continual work in progress, I suppose even an obsession that will only stop when my heart is happy with the result.   Below are what I took in the brief few weeks they were in bloom.

Close but not intense enough

A different field to include some trees

A different angle, but there is still blue sky

Sky is better but the yellow now lacks intensity

And to finally shake things up, I hung around for sunset one night and got this shot.

Sunset over Oilseed Rape Field

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