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Danny O’Brien Memorial Photowalk (Part 2)

After our walk, we had a short break to fill our empty bellies, and then we made our way into the castle field to enjoy the activities of the fiesta.

Our first encounter was a group of stormtroopers who were more than happy to point a gun at you for a photograph.  Wonder if Darth Vader knew what his staff got up to in their spare time 😉

Stormtroopers pointing their weapons

Mean and Moody

There were some fairground rides to test your stomach on, I was quite happy to watch.

You spin me right round

In a quiet corner of the field we found a World War II re-enactment group.  They were a great bunch of guys who were more than happy to answer any questions about this historical event.  As I am particularly interested in this era I was chatting to them for ages.   They were telling me that although a lot of the uniforms etc were replicas, they also had a lot of kit, in particular the guns that were genuine Second World War items.  It always fills me with a sense of intrigue when faced with an object from history and how it has survived the test of time; my imagination runs wild.  I start to wonder who was the original owner of that item?  What was life like for them back then?  What hardship and sacrifices did they endure? So many questions that I will only ever know a fraction of the answers to.

WWII American Soldier

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  1. Fantastic pics. I did leave you a message on instagram to say you won the chocolate oranges on my blog. So if you pm me your address I’ll send them to you 🙂


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