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Danny O’Brien Memorial Photowalk (Part 3)

As the name suggests, one of the main attractions of the Trim Balloon Fiesta is the hot air balloons.  Ireland is not know for perfect weather and is indeed very unpredictable, therefore it is not always possible to get the balloons inflated and airborne.  Today was no different, there was a bit of a breeze building.

The balloon owners tried their best to keep the crowds entertained by allowing people into the baskets for a few photos.

Photo opportunity

I thought the flames created by the burners made great photo subjects on their own.  Set against the stormy sky, the flames were really vibrant.


More flames

There was a slight dip in the breeze for a while and attempts were made to see if any of the balloons could be safely inflated.

Balloon Inflation

I was fascinated to learn how these balloons were actually erected.  Firstly holding the neck of the balloon open, someone strategically places a large fan that blows cold air into the balloon to expand it.

Nearly there

Once the balloon is packed full of cold air and the fabric is completely spread out, the person in the basket directs the propane burners into the balloon to raise it vertically.


I was amazed at the skill of these guys that even though the balloon was blowing around considerably, none of the lines caught fire.

Flame Skill

Eventually the balloons were up, but were struggling with the ever increasing breeze.

Trim castle and the balloons

At one point I thought my friend Denis was going to get squashed by a gigantic can of Guinness 😉 but don’t worry it blew the other way 🙂

Guinness Squash

Sadly the wind started to increase and the balloons had to be taken down.  We had great fun though and couldn’t wait to see what evening events were planned.

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  1. Scary weather to be thinking of going up in a balloon. Nice flame photos.

    • Thanks Conor, it was a bit of touch and go whether they would manage it or not, but credit to them they tried their best and the evening was spectacular……I will keep you in suspense for that post (but not too long) 🙂

  2. Wow, that was really interesting for me to read about 🙂 And you had a lovely time there 🙂 Thank you for sharing xxo

  3. Was it not the Danny O’Brien Photowalk that I discovered you blog – blogging kills time and I get confused anyway the Balloon Fiesta looks magnificent against a great backdrop

    • Oooh I couldn’t be certain Scott, but I agree blogging does kill time, but very enjoyable. Sadly time is something I don’t have a lot of these days. Thanks for the comment, the castle is magnificent, more pictures to be posted on this 🙂


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