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Danny O’Brien Photowalk (Finale)

The finale was a fabulous display of the hot air balloons all lit up.  As the wind hadn’t decreased much, the number of balloons inflated was limited to three.  However the rest of the baskets still joined in and choreographed their burners to music.  It was an amazing sight to see.

Visit Meath Balloon

Visit Meath Balloon

Ooops I forgot to raise my ISO so the focus isn’t brilliant (lesson learnt)

Night Glow

Night Glow


Smurf and Bunny

After the balloons were taken down, the night finished with a bang 🙂


Enjoying the show

Enjoying the show

The hardest skill to photographing fireworks is anticipating where they are going to explode and how far the sparks will fly.  Guess work but great fun.



I would definitely recommend attending the balloon fiesta in the future, it is very entertaining, with events happening all over the weekend.  However, the photowalk that is set up in memory of Danny and coinciding both events together, is a fantastic way to celebrate his life, to remember his hard work, and to keep the RAY Club going.

After the fireworks had disappeared, we returned to Brogans and raised a few glasses to Danny and his family, until next year Sláinte 🙂

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  1. Beautiful photo’s love

  2. wow, amazing photos 🙂

  3. This was great Claire, I had to read all 4 parts and the finale, so very interesting, all of it, the information, your commentary and the outstanding photography! Loved it all! Thank you, it would have been fun to have been there! 🙂


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