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Shine Bright, Lady Moonlight

Firstly I would like to wish everyone a very “Happy New Year”, I hope 2013 brings health, wealth and happiness to you all.

It has been a very busy Christmas and New Year in the Edwards household, we’ve had friends staying with us so I didn’t get much chance to get out with my camera, or catch up with my blog.  A good time was had by all though.

We’ve been having a lot of fog and mist during the last few months, and during one particular foggy evening I managed to get out into the garden to catch a couple of atmospheric shots.

Moon Burst

Moon Burst

As the fog was developing, the moon was also starting to rise.  Apart from the moonlight it was extremely dark, there is very little light pollution where I live, so I get to see some amazing night skies.  On the downside it is a bit of a guessing game setting up your camera and focusing in near darkness.

I didn’t want the moon to show any movement in my shots, so for this first image I set the f-stop to f/5.6 and an exposure time of 8 seconds, which I was pleased with but felt I wanted a bit more cloud movement.

I waited around for a while to see how things developed and I watched the moon carry on its ascent.

This is where the title of my post comes in.  When photographing any type of landscape you spend a lot of time just waiting for the right light or that specific moment you have visualized in your mind.  I often find that I end up singing or humming a tune that is prompted by my surroundings, it somehow helps me focus 🙂  Well on this particular occasion I was singing “Lady Moonlight” by All About Eve, a group I liked back in the 80’s (the link takes you to the song on You Tube; enjoy and think of me).  If you are interested I will try to remember to put up on my future posts what I was singing/humming at the time, let me know 😉

Mist and the moon

Mist and the moon

With my second shot I changed angle slightly and set the f-stop to f/4.0 and extended my exposure time to 30 seconds to allow as much light into the camera as I could get.  As you can see this has brightened the image, and because of the longer exposure time it has given some movement in the clouds.

I would have loved to stay out longer, however time was against me, but I was pleased with the results.

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  1. These 2 photos are really nice especially the second one. Beautiful. Good camera skills.

  2. Wonderful shots. I don’t tend to take many night ones…I’m usually too settled to move and yes I’d love to know what you are singing when you take photos. It’s funny because sometimes I take a photo and it reminds me of a song.

    • Thanks Val. I know what you mean about the night shots and the temptation of indoors. I love doing them, so I’m drawn out, but only either in my garden (as above) or when I’m out in a group, wouldn’t dare go out on my own.

      I will definitely keep you posted on the singing 😉

  3. Night photography is an area I have not stepped into, your fine shots, these two and others you have posted inspire me to give it a try.

    • Thankyou Gary, I urge you to give it a go, opens up a whole new world and can become very addictive. Keep us posted.

      One piece of equipment that is a must is a head torch, multiple uses including seeing the tree before you walk into it (yes I have experienced that) 😉

  4. love these shots, very “light” 🙂


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