RSS Feed Photo of the Day – Riding the Horizon

As mentioned in my last blog post there was an additional photograph that I took during the outing, and there was a little story with this…..

While I was photographing the solitary tree, I noticed on the horizon a couple of horses and their riders racing each other.  It immediately struck me as an image I wanted to capture, but knew I had to be quick.  Totally against the grain for a landscape photographer and the sheer speed in which I had to react got me all flustered 😉  Luckily the riders had a short rest which gave me enough time to compose myself, before they were off again.

I was really pleased with the resulting image, and after tweaking it in Photoshop Elements, I posted it onto my album; along with my other favorite images that I’d taken that day.

For those of you that are not familiar with, it’s a photo sharing website, where you can upload your pictures and other people can view your shots, make comments and vote.  There’s also little projects, competitions etc that encourage you to be more proactive with your photography.

One thing that the site does on a daily basis is choose a ‘photo of the day’, and this is shown on the main page of the website, as well as being posted onto Twitter.  It’s a great way of seeing other photographers work, that you wouldn’t normally look at.

Well imagine my surprise when a couple of days after uploading my photowalk pictures I got a tweet saying that my image ‘Riding the Horizon’ had been chosen as photo of the day 🙂  This was a first; none of my photos have been featured before, so I was excited and really chuffed with myself all at the same time.  My twitter and email went into overdrive as people left comments and congratulations, which was really heartwarming and a great confidence booster.

As for the concept of photo of the day; I don’t see it as a competition, more that someone out there appreciated my efforts and felt it was worthy of showing to the world, and it certainly made me feel proud of myself for a day 🙂

So here is the image….

Riding the Horizon

Riding the Horizon

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  1. Well done! I always find very quiet although I was delighted to get a couple photos chosen, long time ago now though.

    • Thanks Val, I have to admit, it’s hit and miss with pixie but I do prefer their layout over flickr. I try to persevere with both as I don’t have the same contacts on both. Does get rather time consuming though 🙂

  2. the minimal feel you have achieved here is what I am after in my recent post – but I get nervous that there is not enough

    • Thanks Scott 🙂 I really liked your recent post, minimal suits some subjects more than others, and sometimes you can overcrowd a shot, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that.

      It’s always good to try something different from your normal photography, gets the creative juices flowing that you can incorporate in your day to day shots. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but never pass an opportunity by 🙂

  3. I congratulated you on and I’ll do it here again. It was a cracker of a shot and deserved the TOTD.

  4. About time picked an excellent shot rather than…..well the other stuff. Was trying to think if you cropped the right hand tree out what would it look like but I think its perfectly balanced. Well done!

    • Thanks Jonathan, I tried it without the tree and found it a little too sparse 🙂 Thing to remember with it’s just another persons view and opinion and not to take it too much to heart. I’m same as you, I like some of the stuff that is picked, but not all, but then again they have to pick a variety to appeal to all tastes.

  5. Great shot, Claire, in a sense minimalist but vast in scope with the big dramatic sky. The left-hand figure on horseback is perfect.

  6. Very interesting pic. I really like the distance and barreness of the scene with a lone tree to the right to grab one’s interest. Nicely done and I know you must have been proud.


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