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2013 Weekly Photo Challenge – Week 3

Ooops I’m behind again with my photo challenge, not doing too well here am I 😦 Luckily I have been taking the photos….apart from a couple of days.

Work is really busy at the moment, so I haven’t been doing much other than commuting, working, eating and sleeping.  Doesn’t really make for interesting photos.

My first image is a snapshot of the wonderful broadband speed we have here in Ireland.  I only actually got connected to broadband through a phone line about 18 months ago, as it only became available then.  Well this is the fastest I can get it at the moment and took me over an hour to upload the photos from the Fran Byrne photowalk.  Now you know why the Irish are so laid back, we don’t have much choice 😉

Super fast broadband

Sorry I missed the 11th, too busy.  The 12th however was pancake day.  At first I wasn’t going to bother making any, but seeing all the tweets and photo’s on instagram I couldn’t resist.  We had ours with freshly squeezed orange juice which was warmed up in the microwave (a sweeter alternative to lemons), a sprinkling of sugar and chocolate drops.  They were well yummy 🙂

Pancake delight

I missed the 13th because I was at a funeral all day.  It was a dear friends mum that had passed, she’d been ill for quite a while, so in a way it was a blessing for the family that she wasn’t suffering anymore, but still a sad day.

Onto the 14th and I was in baking mood again, so I made treacle sponge pudding, my husbands favorite 🙂  I don’t claim to be an excellent cook, but it was absolutely delicious.  The top image shows when I’d flipped the dish over, and the second is the pudding with the hot treacle waiting to be served with lashings of custard.

Treacle steamed pudding

Now you are probably wondering being the 14th February why there wasn’t loads of romance etc., etc.,  Well I don’t do Valentines Day, I love my husband 365 days a year, not just one, and he feels the same.  It’s over commercialised and a rip-off.  I’d rather my husband surprise me with flowers and a card when I least expect it; it means so much more 🙂

When I woke on the 15th, it was thick of fog outside, so it was one of those mornings that you just had to take your time driving to work.  However after about 30 minutes into my journey (my commute is 1 hour 15 mins on average 😦 ), I noticed that the sun was trying to break through the fog.  As I turned a corner I noticed the beautiful sunrise through the clearing mist, and yay a lonely tree 🙂

Beautiful sunrise

This has turned out to be a favorite spot to stop for pictures at the moment as it’s in a great position for the sun rising behind the tree at the present time 🙂

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  1. The pic of the lone and barren tree with the pink sky is a stunner. I really like the starkness and distance of this photo. I also like the looks of the pudding/cake. I’s say that you are a great cook from the photo.


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