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Sunset 03/02/14

I don’t know about you, but I love sunrise and sunsets; it’s a magical time of day.  The scenery can change so quickly with a kaleidoscope of colour, so if you are not ready to appreciate it, it’s gone before you know it.

Tonight was one of those instances.  As I was sat reading, I noticed the room was turning into a wonderful amber glow as the sun was starting to set.  Looking out of the window I was greeted with the following spectacle; time to grab the camera.

The kaleidoscope of colours start to appear

The kaleidoscope of colours start to appear

I love how a sunset starts off quite plain but can burst into something so beautiful.

The colours intensify.

The colours intensify.

Then before you know it, the sun has dipped and the colours become more subdued again as night creeps in.

The colours cool

The tones begin to cool

So I look forward to many more beautiful sunsets, no two are the same and remember:

The day, water, sun, moon, night,

I do not have to pay

to enjoy these things.

(Titus Maccius Platus, c 254-184BC)

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  1. These are great photos with the succession of pics showing how the sky changes color at sundown. Very nice Claire. I like these very much.

    I follow a blogger that I think was raised and lived in Yorkshire. She is a tremendous writer- very real and descriptive. I adore her writing and she has become a good friend as well. I might have that wrong about Yorkshire but you might want to check her out. I think you’d like her a lot. ~yvonne

  2. love the first 2 shots – didn’t have a comment option here though


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