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Beautiful snow and a few seconds of fame – 11/02/14

When I first got up this morning, the weather was a mixture of sunshine and cloud.  It felt cold so I was surprised that there wasn’t any frost on the ground, however it wasn’t long before the sky started to darken and a few gorgeous little flakes of snow started to fall.

The snow starts to fall

The snow starts to fall but doesn’t settle on this green and pleasant land

As I’ve mentioned in the past, Ireland is not blessed with a snowy climate, so even just a few flakes gets us all excited;  the Twitter machine goes bonkers with various reports around the country of how much snow is falling and settling.  I have to admit I’m also one of those, I get so excited I just have to share my enjoyment whether people are interested or not.

It snowed a couple of times with outbreaks of sunshine in-between, so nothing was settling.  To be honest I didn’t expect much so was happy in the comfort of my home just watching it fall out of the sky, I found it relaxing and hypnotic.

Then just after lunch it became dark again and within minutes it was a complete blizzard.  The snow by this time was falling thick and fast, and I was excitedly taking pictures through the window with my iPhone.

As the blizzard intensified, it was a complete white-out

As the blizzard intensified, it was a complete white-out

The snow covers my little car

The snow covers my little car

As the snow continued, so did my photography.

Converted to black and white in snapseed on my iPhone 5

Another shot converted to black and white in Snapseed on my iPhone 5

Most photos that I take on my iPhone I will either share on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram, including anyone that might be interested.  In this instance it was Deric Hartigan, Irish Weather Presenter.  Imagine my excitement when I received a message from Deric saying that I needed to watch the TV3 weather at 6.30pm as my photo was chosen as picture of the day.

So 6.30pm arrived and I waited in front of the TV, camera on tripod in video mode and iPhone ready to take pictures.  I was full of nervous excitement, here is a snapshot of the event.

A few seconds of fame

A few seconds of fame

I wasn’t the only one that got my photo recognised today though.  A fellow blogger Magnumlady based in Sligo, Ireland, also took a picture that was in great demand by the media.  A wonderful photo that deserves a look.

A few valuable lessons learnt today – you don’t need a top of the range camera to take a pleasing shot and you don’t have to venture far, don’t dismiss what is in your immediate area, and don’t give up just because you don’t have an all-singing-all-dancing camera.  Photography is in the photographer and the moment.

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  1. Well done Claire and thanks so much for the mention. My photo was also taken with my iPhone 🙂

    • Ah you deserve it Val, I really enjoy reading your blog, one day we will get the chance to join up, that will be a good blog post 😉 . I think the iPhone is a great carry around camera, and you’ve helped me prove that 🙂

  2. Aw cool. Delighted for you. Lovely shot

  3. I’m always astonished at how good the photos are when taken using an iPhone. Claire the snow scenes of your car are excellent. I know it must have been a thrill to see your photo on the news station. Good for you. I really like the B&w photo.


    • Thanks Yvonne. The iPhone is indeed a fab little device and great for those on the spur photos. It certainly was a thrill to see my picture on the screen, always nice to know someone likes your pictures as much as you do.


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