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Comfy cats

I was enjoying a recent post on Tripping the Light Fantastic regarding cats getting comfy; certainly something these creatures can do all too easily.  Oh to be a cat 🙂

My husband and I share our house with 5 cats, some may call me “mad cat lady”, I call it “lady with a big heart” 🙂  Four of my cats are rescues, all girlies, then we have one big lad, a Maine Coon who is definitely the king of his castle.  They all have a variety of beds dotted around the house, but you can always guarantee, there will be a time when two of them will want to sleep in the same place and this does result in hissing, spitting and a battle of wills.  But when they do settle down, they are a joy to watch.

So here is my selection of comfy cats……

I'm sure this is really comfy

I’m sure this is really comfy although I think I would never be able to move my neck again sleeping like this 😉

Luna getting snug

Luna getting snug.  She loves to disappear into the unmade duvet in the mornings.

The following image is of our dear little Sox who sadly died when hit by a car.  Trying not to dwell too much on the sadness, we have many fond memories of him and this is one of them.  After his tea he used to love curling up in my arms; I’m sure you can almost see a little smile of contentment on his face as he gets comfy.

Sox getting comfy

Sox getting comfy

There are so many more images on this subject that I usually post on Instagram.  So if you are an Instagrammer, follow me @pontecake.  Enjoy getting comfy folks.

Thankyou for spending the time to read my post, have a wonderful day and please come back soon.  Remember any word that is highlighted in my post will take you to something of relevant interest.

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  1. Yay for Sox – definitely has a little smile. Happy memories for you. We have 2 rescue cats, and one that was surplus to requirement and would have become a rescue cat. And, you’re not a mad cat lady – my sister-in-law (originally from the Isle of Wight if that may explain it) worked for the local SPCA and often had 7 – 10 “fosters”, in addition to the 7 that deigned to live with them. Hope your day is grand, too. 😀

    • Sox had a beautiful face, one that always seemed to be smiling. His sister is still with us although she is totally different, long-hair and dark brown in colour, but the most amazing piercing green eyes.

      Your sister-in-law certainly has a big heart and she has to be applauded for her dedication. I bet their house was entertaining at times 🙂

  2. Great looking photos of your beautiful cats. Post more please. I don’t do Instagram.

  3. oh,they are so cute and lovely!

  4. So sorry to hear of wee little Sox’s passing. A lovely photo of a special kitty.

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