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Weird and Wonderful Plants

Today was a camera club outing to the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin.  You would think that being the beginning of winter there would be nothing of interest; well how wrong can you be.  It’s a great place to visit all year round.

For starters there are several greenhouses that are amazing to get lost in and try out some macro photography.  They bring the tropics to what can be a chilly day.  Inside you come across beasties like this, where I was drawn to the way the sap was being lit by the sun.

A sticky situation
(Canon 6D, Sigma 105mm lens, 1/5th sec @f/18)

To be honest I haven’t got a clue what it is, as I was so engrossed in the photography, I forgot to read the information 😦 .  I do know that it was in the section with all the fly catchers so I’m presuming that all the droplets are there to lure some prey and catch it.  Maybe you can tell me what it is!

On another little point, you will note from the camera information that I’ve finally made the jump to full-frame (which I’ve been wanting to do for a while, more on this later).  Only had it a couple of months so still a big learning curve, but loving the results so far.

Until I get chance to process my other images from the day, thankyou for spending the time to read my post, have a wonderful day and please come back soon.

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  1. Beautiful shot, Claire. The color is great and so are are the details of the plant.

  2. great macro!! Poor flies!! 🙂

    • Thanks Dune Mouse 🙂 Flies do seem to get a bad deal on life, being the prey for a lot of living creatures. But it’s the last thing we think about when they are flying around us in summer 🙂


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