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Warehouse deadlines

A slight diversion from my Canada trip.  At work a couple of weeks ago I was asked to take some photographs of one of our warehouses.  I’ve done this in the past and was quite pleased with myself that the company found my photography good enough to use in promotional material etc.  They certainly liked them enough to ask me to return and do some more 🙂

Now you would think that taking photographs at your place of work would be easy; well believe me it’s not as straight forward as you would imagine.  I think because what you see everyday as the norm you don’t look at it twice; and therefore it becomes quite mundane.  However putting this into a photograph to look appealing to others certainly forces you to think outside the box; especially when they tell you they want the shots taken, processed and downloaded all in the same day; no pressure then :-(.  Anyway, I like a photography challenge.  My main worry was that I only purchased my Canon 6D in September last year and I’m still finding my way around it using the settings etc., so was slightly worried that I would make a complete mess of it due to rushing.

I was given the brief and taken on a tour of the warehouse in question and then left to my own devices.  Even though the lights seemed quite bright I noticed that my camera reading was extremely slow for handheld at ISO100.  I couldn’t use a tripod as there were forklift trucks whizzing about the place.  So I started with increasing the ISO to 8,000, but soon realised this had to go up to 10,000.  I have to admit the 6D is great at high ISO settings but there is still some adjustment to noise levels in Lightroom.

CLouisephotos.DHL001January 21, 2015-18-Edit

Racking heaven

No matter how many times I go into some of our warehouses, I still get this feeling of vertigo.  It’s so high, and I have to give credit to the guys and gals that go up and down placing pallets on the highest points.  If you look closely enough there are a couple of bags on the cab roof, these are actually safety harnesess that the driver has to use if the raising mechanism fails and he gets stuck at height; seriously I would have a heart failure.

Working at height

Working at height (approx 14.5 metres)

CLouisephotos.DHL001January 21, 2015-45

Don’t look down

CLouisephotos.DHL001January 21, 2015-46-Edit

Safely in it’s place

The employees were eager to avoid me, so a bit of stealth tactics had to be used to get at least some people in a shot.

CLouisephotos.DHL001January 21, 2015-40

Trying to hide

I spent about an hour in total getting as many different shots as possible.  I won’t bore you with the rest of them (I’m sure you are not interested in photos of shrink wrapping and pallet trucks 😉 ).

So I made the deadline and they were extremely pleased with the results; which in turn gave me a great sense of pride and achievement.


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  1. I think that was quite an honor to have the uppers ask you to photograph the warehouse. The shots look very nice too.

    What mm lens did you use?


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