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Sunday Sunrise

So it’s Sunday and I feel the need to share another sunrise with you 🙂

Lately we have been having some amazing misty mornings in Ireland.  Fantastic for photography, but terrible for the commute to work, the record was 2.5 hours to work one day this week because of an accident 😦

I didn’t have time to get my DSLR out so it was just a few grab shots with my iPhone 6, so please enjoy.

Tree011March 18, 2015

mystical tree

Misty011March 18, 2015-7

Morning has broken

bare011March 18, 2015-4



Hello011March 18, 2015-5Whatever the weather, sunrise is the start of a new day, so lets embrace this new beginning.

Hugs to you all

Claire x

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  1. Beautiful photos. The iPhone6 has a great camera. Photos are at least as good as DSLR. I guess it’s all in the composition?

    • Thanks Rachel, it is a great camera, and very handy to have with you at all times. The only time that you would notice the diffrence would be when printing out a large image then the DSLR would win hands down.

      Composition does play a huge part in any type of photography though, and that comes through lots of practice.

  2. These are wonderful shots with your phone. Actually I’m amazed at the quality. I really LIKE these scenes since I’m quite fond of foggy pics. I’d be proud if I were you to have these in my

    • Thanks Yvonne 🙂 I’ve only had the phone a couple of months but have to agree with you, I’m also impressed by the quality. The only downside is that if you wanted to print them you wouldn’t get the same quality as with a DSLR.

      • Interesting that the pics are not good quality when printed. Could it be the type of photo paper?

        • They are good quality Yvonne if you only want a small picture say 7″x5″ or may stretch to A4 size. Anything bigger you will loose quality because of the low mega pixels and cropped sensor in a phone. To print a large image you need to go larger on mp and sensor size.

        • I did not know how many mega pixels are a iphone. Never used one since I’m happy with what I have. Good to know. Don’t think I’ll ever invest in one though.

        • They are only 8 mega pixels Yvonne, but phones are being advanced all the time so who knows what the future wil bring, interesting times ahead 🙂

  3. Beautiful! You and the iPhone did a great job of capturing these.

  4. Lovely Photos Claire

  5. So gorgeous with the mist and the sheep. Such romantic images.


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