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Daily Post Photo Challenge – Ephemeral

So this weeks Daily Post Photo Challenge is ‘Ephemeral‘ which means “lasting for a very short time”.  I would actually say that a lot of my photography is about capturing that split second moment, whether it is when the sun bursts through clouds, or when that beautiful rainbow appears; either instance if you look away you’ve probably missed it.

For this challenge I’m going to share with you one of my obsessions – clouds.  Ever since I was a child I have loved to stare at the sky and watch clouds alter shape or storms develop, I find it fascinating and very humbling.  In Ireland we have very changeable weather which creates some amazing skies.  However this can be a disadvantage as during the recent solar eclipse we had thick cloud that obscured our viewing of the event 😦

This cloud looks like a shark that is going to swallow the church below it.

Clouise-5978-August 12, 2012

12/08/12 – Canon EOS 40D (ISO100 1/400 sec @f/11)

The following image was as the sun was starting to set and menacing clouds were starting to roll in.  They looked like they had just exploded from the church.

10/04/12 - Canon EOS40D (ISO800 1/500sec @f/6.3)

10/04/12 – Canon EOS40D (ISO800 1/500sec @f/6.3)

The next two photos were of a huge storm cloud that appeared; so to capture the sheer size of what was developing before me I photographed it at different angles.  The shapes reminded me of faces looking down.

Clouise-10637-February 28, 2014

28/02/14 – Canon 40D (ISO100 1/250sec @f/10)

Clouise-10638-February 28, 2014

28/02/14 – Canon 40D (ISO100 1/400sec @f/10)

Clouds come and go, but you can guarantee each shape only lasts for a short time before it morphs into something new.  Do you ever pass time with a little sky watching?

Thankyou for spending time to read my post, have a wonderful day and please come back soon.

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  1. Great answer to the prompt!

  2. Terrific choices – love the shark especially!!

  3. Incredible images. I like the first one of the pastoral scene. But all of them are very nice.

  4. Great to see you doing such lovely work.

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  6. Girl Gone Expat

    Beautiful pink clouds! Well done!


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