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Precious Moments

I was reading a post by a fellow blogger Penny L Howe on those Precious Moments in life and it got me thinking about my own memorable experiences.  There are far too many for me to put in one post, but I recently came across a photo that I took a couple of years ago on a workshop with Steve Gosling in the UK that was extremely memorable, magical and a indeed a little bit mysterious.

We visited Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire which is a must place to see if you are ever in the area.  At first I was really struggling with my photography, it was taking me a while to get in the zone.  I eventually ended up in the Cellarium, where the monks used to eat, sleep and socialise.  There were very few people visiting the abbey that day so I found a spot that wasn’t in anyones way.  I set up my tripod, camera and listened to Gregorian Chant through my earphones.  I have to admit by this point I felt like I’d been transported to another time when this was a working abbey, oh the joy of imagination.  However I think if someone had crept up on me I would have jumped a mile 😉

The weather was a mixed bag of cloud, sunshine and showers, hence why I’d ended up inside in the first place.  I was stood for a good 30 minutes taking a couple of shots, and although I was semi-pleased with the images nothing really said hang me on the wall.  However something kept me there, I still can’t explain what, but I felt compelled to stay in that spot.

The sun was shining now through the window and was pleasing to see, but nothing special.  Then all of a sudden a breeze developed through the Cellarium and disturbed the dust on the floor near the window.  My heart jumped and I pressed the shutter, keeping my fingers crossed.  Immediately the breeze stopped, the dust settled and the sun lost it’s intensity.  I looked at the back of my camera and this is what I’d caught.

07/11/12 - Canon EOS 40D (ISO100  0.3sec @f/7.1)

07/11/12 – Canon EOS 40D (ISO100 0.3sec @f/7.1)

I literally got this one shot.  I waited longer to see if the event would happen again but nothing.  So indeed magical, mysterious and a moment I will never forget.

Thankyou for spending the time to read my post, have a wonderful day and please come back soon.

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